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Hip Replacement Surgery In Jaipur

Hip Replacement Surgery In Jaipur

Is your hip giving you trouble in daily activities such as getting up from a chair, standing, walking, climbing stairs or even sleeping, then a total hip replacement surgery is a possible treatment for your problem. The surgery aims to reduce pain and improve your hip movements. When all the other options in treating the patients fail then the hip replacement surgery is the last resort. This surgery involves a technique in which the ball of hip and socket is carefully replaced.

The procedure generally lasts for a few hours, the doctor removes the diseased parts and replaces them with new artificial parts. The patients can start walking with the help of supports in a couple of days after the surgery. Dr Mujahid is one of the best hip replacement surgeons in Jaipur. The patients are treated with utmost care for a fast and healthy recovery. The doctor diagnoses the patient and discusses the risks and benefits associated with the surgery, enabling you to make an informed choice about opting the surgery.