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Best Limb Salvage Surgery In Jaipur

Best Limb Salvage Surgery In Jaipur

Also known as limb-sparing surgery. This procedure is carried out to stop the spreading of cancer across the limb. In this, the diseased bone is removed and the limb is reconstructed using metal implants. In a majority of the cases, the surgery is used for treating bone sarcomas and bone tumours. Not only the infected bone is removed, but some surrounding healthy tissues are also extracted. The replaced bone takes some time to blend with the original bone after which, the patient can easily move that limb.

Apart from cancer patients, limb salvage surgery is opted by patients who are infected by rheumatoid arthritis or those experiencing amputation due to diabetes. A couple of years ago amputation was the only option available but due to advancement in technology and medical sciences, it is now possible to remove the tumours safely and replace them with metal implants. This does not hamper the normal functioning of the body.